2012 – the year of the slate?

Posted by Merchenta on December 22, 2011

Recent research from the IAB reaffirmed the growing role of tablet/slate devices in retail/ecommerce. According to the survey, 65% of tablet owners used them to browse online stores. This snazzy IAB infographic shows that the majority of tablet use occurs in the evenings and is favoured for keeping up on social networks & email.


We thought we’d take a closer look at the IAB’s figures and see whether slate ‘browsers’ were also ‘buyers’.

Taking November 2011 as our benchmark we compared the number of tablet-toting consumers across Merchenta with the number who actually used their device to purchase.

Surprisingly, although 5.6% of merchants’ online stores were accessed via slate/tablet, just 3.7% actually bought something on their device.

Despite retailers’ increasing efforts to tailor their online stores to tablets, it seems that consumers are choosing to buy online using good ole’ fashioned desktops. This is a trend to watch during 2012 – is this really going to be the ‘year of the slate’?


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