Banner ad performance – does size really matter?

Posted by Merchenta on November 26, 2010

According to a recent study from MediaMind, emphatically ‘yes’.


The study reviewed the clickthrough and conversion rates of approximately 200 billion ad impressions across key markets in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Unsuprisingly, for display advertisers, bigger banners means increased exposure – and better clickthrough rates.

But traditional display ad banners have suffered from one particular problem – more formats means more creative & more cost.

By contrast, Merchenta’s intelligent Shoplets can be configured on-the-fly to resize themselves without requiring new collateral or a re-design. Just upload your logo and an optional promotional banner (468×60) and Merchenta dynamically reforms the collateral into a range of IAB-compliant unit sizes.

Merchenta’s shape-shifting means that with just a few clicks, a humble 300×250 Shoplet can be dynamically transformed into a larger (or smaller) format across a range of placements. It couldn’t be easier!


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