Big Data? Big Insight2.

Merchenta Insight2 Dashboard provides unparalled insight into campaign performance, in real-time. That’s real-time, as in now.

Gain a 360o view of consumer activity on-site and across the web with real-time data visualisations and analytics reports.

Don’t drown in Big Data – draw Big Insights with Merchenta.


Metrics that matter. In real-time.

Track conversions, monitor consumer engagement, even see where your ads are running right now. No need to wait for tomorrow’s website analytics or CRM reports, Insight2 shows the metrics that matter within seconds, 24×7 online.

Discover conversion insights.
Discover how campaign strategies engage your consumer-base to stimulate conversions. Which approaches are working to drive sales? Assess Merchenta’s contribution to the marketing mix, baselined against existing online activity.


Consumer engagement
Each IntelliAd generates over a hundred signals. We analyse and sort signal from noise to glean actionable behavioural insights. With Insight2 see how consumers engage with your IntelliAds and track recommendation strategies as they drive results.
retargeting reports

Transparency comes part of the package.
Monitor campaign performance across a range of metrics, including clickthrough rate (CTR), engagement rate (ETR) and conversion rate (CVR). Insight2 shows where your ads are running – not just at domain-level but even down to the specific page itself.

rtb real tinme reports

Compare behavioural patterns
Compare consumer behaviour by segment – are consumer’s engaged by Merchenta more likely to return to buy? If so, how does Merchenta’s conversion rate compare against the baseline?

Easy reporting
Grab a quick chart for a presentation or download the raw data for in-depth analysis. Insight2 makes campaign & conversion reporting a snap.

Reporting on-the-move
Available for desktops, tablet/slates (including iPad) and mobile devices for reporting on-the-go.


For agencies we provide a fully white-labelled capability to build-upon. Rebrand our dashboard with your own assets, provide client-account level reporting, setup & manage your own campaigns. Simple setup, low monthly minimums.

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We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.