White Label DSP – Demand-Side Platform

White label demand side platform (or White Label DSP) for real time bidding and programmatic marketing. It’s a full DSP-in-a-box capability. The Merchenta Insight2 Dashboard is available in exclusive white-label editions. Ideal for ad agencies, performance marketers, media traders and ad networks, the white-label provides access to the full power of Merchenta – with your very own brand as a White Label DSP.

White label DSP Overview

Merchenta’s White Label DSP (demand-side platform) is a one-stop platform for ad agencies, marketers and media traders. Our DSP-in-a-box delivers all the tools you’ll ever need for programmatic advertising on display, mobile and Facebook. Our white-label DSP includes support for Mobile DSP as well as Facebook Exchange. Trusted by clients in over 40 countries for prospecting, retargeting, pre-targeting and email retargeting. All in one unified platform.

White label DSP Case Studies

white label dsp dashboard

Compatible with the Merchenta RTB API, each DSP-in-a-box Includes :

a. White-label dashboard reporting
b. White-label dashboard campaign management
c. Client reporting dashboard
d. A range of rebranding options, including :

  • Dashboard rebranding
  • Pixel endpoint rebranding
  • CDN, ad server and bidder rebranding

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Insight & Transparency

Our I2 dashboard summarises all the key metrics in real-time to provide actionable insight. Want to know where your ads are running right now? Not a problem. Interested in conversion trends? I2 has got that, too. Clickthroughs, engagement rates/ Yup. Compatible with desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android - monitor campaign progress even whilst on the move.

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Incremental sales have over exceeded our expectations. It’s a smart spend as it targets our own user base and we can easily measure our ROI. Highly recommend them.