White Label DSP – Demand-Side Platform

White label demand side platform (or White Label DSP) for real time bidding and programmatic marketing. It’s a full DSP-in-a-box capability. The Merchenta Insight2 Dashboard is available in exclusive white-label editions. Ideal for ad agencies, performance marketers, media traders and ad networks, the white-label provides access to the full power of Merchenta – with your very own brand as a White Label DSP.

White label DSP Overview

Merchenta’s White Label DSP (demand-side platform) is a one-stop platform for ad agencies, marketers and media traders. Our DSP-in-a-box delivers all the tools you’ll ever need for programmatic advertising on display, mobile and Facebook. Our white-label DSP includes support for Mobile DSP as well as Facebook Exchange. Trusted by clients in over 40 countries for prospecting, retargeting, pre-targeting and email retargeting. All in one unified platform.

White label DSP Case Studies

white label dsp dashboard

Compatible with the Merchenta RTB API, each DSP-in-a-box Includes :

a. White-label dashboard reporting
b. White-label dashboard campaign management
c. Client reporting dashboard
d. A range of rebranding options, including :

  • Dashboard rebranding
  • Pixel endpoint rebranding
  • CDN, ad server and bidder rebranding

For further details, please contact us.

Retargeting Split Tests

Using Merchenta’s display retargeting platform, marketers can run split-tests to measure the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon consumer behaviour. These statistically rigorous tests eliminate the guesswork in assessing the true contribution of display retargeting within the overall online marketing mix.

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We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.