Free guide to EU Privacy Directive published today

Posted by Merchenta on April 27, 2012

It’s less than a month to go before the UK ICO commences enforcement against the EU Privacy Directive. If you’re running an online store or website this will affect you.

Today, we’re publishing our guide to the EU Privacy Directive, what’s required of website owners and how Merchenta complies with the rules. Ask for a copy!

Ed Vaizey, the UK’s Minister for Culture, Communications & Creative Industries says :   

“Behaviourally targeted, or preference based, advertising is an incredible innovation that can be of huge benefit to both business and to the consumer. But it needs to be done right.”

We do it “right”.

  • Merchenta does not use cookies for Merchenta’s behavioural tracking.
  • Merchenta observes consumers’ preferences and browser privacy settings
  • Merchenta does not store or record personally identifiable information about consumers.
  • Consumers may opt out (or opt-in) to our programmes at any time
  • Merchenta participates in industry-wide privacy initiatives

We believe that relevant online marketing is welcomed by consumers. And it delivers outstanding returns for the leading brands we work with – all on a risk-free, flexible CPA/CPC basis

For further details or to request a free copy of our guide, just contact us.

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