Global reach – global results

We work with clients globally to deliver top performing results. We work with over 20,000 publisher groups to deliver a monthly reach representing over 95% of online consumers. Our reach is continually growing across USA, EMEA and APAC.




Exchange & Supply Side Partners

Merchenta’s proprietary trading desk is directly connected to a wide-range of supply-side platforms (SSPs) and real-time exchanges to secure the best-performing ad placements on the best performing websites.

Our direct integrations & publisher relationships enable us to work with the widest range of publishers across private and public marketplaces. Our proprietary PageDNA algorithms screen available inventory in real-time for brand-safety & contextual consistency. The result? The best performing ad placements for our clients.

inventory exchanges and ssps

Other Partners

We work with a wide range of integration partners to simplify and accelerate our clients’ business. For more details or to enquire about partnership opportunities, click here.

Global Reach

We work with clients worldwide. With over 95% reach in USA, Europe & UK we’re able to engage consumers at scale for outstanding results, wherever they are.

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