Mobile Demand-side Platform

Our mobile demand side platform (DSP) provides a wide-range of media buying capabilities, specifically for mobile & tablet devices. Use our mobile DSP to reach consumers on tablets and mobile phones on-the-move.
Mobile DSP and White Label DSP

Mobile DSP Overview

Our mobile DSP is fully compatible with our RTB API for campaign setup & optimisation at scale or integration within an existing marketing automation application. It’s also available in white-label editions for agencies and media traders. For demo or more details contact us!

Mobile DSP targeting features

The Merchenta Mobile DSP supports a range of mobile-specific programmatic capabilities, including :

Wide range of mobile inventory

  • Over the past 5 years Merchenta has integrated a wide range of RTB exchanges & SSPs into the platform. We support mobile web and in-app inventory from almost 30 exchanges, including Google Doubleclick, Smaato, Tapsense, Nexage, Admeta and many more.

mobile dsp exchanges

IDFA/Android ID targeting

  • Build your own IOS and Android audience segments from mobile tracking analytics, then use these as the basis of campaign targeting.

Mobile Carrier targeting

  • select mobile carriers (eg Vodafone) for targeting or use our mobile whitelists for pinpoint accuracy – simply upload IP address ranges and our mobile DSP will automatically seek devices on the associated networks.

Mobile deeplinking support

  • Full support for mobile deeplinking – no need for a separate vendor library, we offer this inclusive of our platform!

Rich media support

  • Our mobile DSP supports rich media (HTML5, JavaScript) ad creative. We’re certified by Celtra and MobileAds for rich media display. Or select our own Intelliad personalised behavioural ad units, which are HTML5 capable for mobile devices.

Full server-to-server pixel/postback support

  • Easily track campaigns with full support for server-to-server postbacks. Simple integration into a range of mobile attribution platforms including Tune & Appsflyer .

 Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

  • Our simple, yet powerful, DSP interface makes light work of campaign setup and reporting

Insight & Transparency

Our I2 dashboard summarises all the key metrics in real-time to provide actionable insight. Want to know where your ads are running right now? Not a problem. Interested in conversion trends? I2 has got that, too. Clickthroughs, engagement rates/ Yup. Compatible with desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android - monitor campaign progress even whilst on the move.

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We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.