Merchenta works with a range of integration partners to enable clients to get up-and-running as quickly and simply as possible. We are constantly adding new integrations – for further details contact us.

Inventory Partners

Merchenta’s display retargeting trading desk is directly connected to a wide-range of supply-side platforms (SSPs) and real-time exchanges to secure the best-performing ad placements on the best performing websites.

We work with over 20,000 publisher groups to deliver a monthly reach representing over 95% of online consumers in USA, EMEA & APAC.

We have lots of inventory, ready to go. With premium content available from over 24 RTB exchanges including :

Tag Management

Merchanta tracking tags are simple to setup. They can be deployed natively using the Merchenta Tag Library or any one of these container tag solutions. These vendors have pre-integrated Merchenta into their tag management libraries for easy plug and play behavioural tracking and conversion attribution.

adform dcstorm ensighten ensighten tagman tealium

Reviews Partners


Performance Networks

Merchenta works with a range of affiliate networks, including :

  • Affiliate Window
  • Affiliate Future
  • Commission Factory
  • Linkshare
  • Trade Doubler
  • Webgains

Trusted by brands, big & small

Our clients range from niche eCommerce retailers to large global brands. In common – a shared focus on results.

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We’re thrilled with the results.