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We’re trusted by brands large and small. From global brands such as Mazda, to multichannel retailers and specialist e-tailers.

Re-engage ‘lost prospects’ & ‘lapsed customers’
Connect with consumers & maximise online revenues using personalised Merchenta IntelliAds. Learn more about retargeting »

Discover new customers with display prospecting
Generate fresh revenues from consumers who share behavioural affinities with your existing customer base.  Learn more about display prospecting »

Maximise campaign effectiveness with PageDNA
Merchenta PageDNA ensures brand safety & campaign effectiveness through real-time understanding of advertising context.  Learn more about pre-targetingcontextual advertising »

We work in partnership with our clients & are paid for performance. For CPA retargeting in UK, USA and Europe ask for more detailssee how easy it is to get started today »

Retargeting & prospecting results

We work hard to drive great results for our clients. Here are examples of the improvements in campaign performance clients have achieved with Merchenta.

Conversion uplift

retargeting conversion uplift
By using our proprietary consumer profiling algorithms, we’re able to focus on consumers with a higher propensity to purchase. This leads to noticeable increases in conversion rate when compared to baseline activity across other online marketing channels (eg paid search, SEO, email marketing etc).

Average order value uplift

retargeting AoV uplift
Merchenta actively applies up-sell and cross-sell methodologies to in-market consumers to drive higher average order value. The chart above shows a representative sample of results across a variety of eCommerce verticals.

Insight & Transparency

Our I2 dashboard summarises all the key metrics in real-time to provide actionable insight. Want to know where your ads are running right now? Not a problem. Interested in conversion trends? I2 has got that, too. Clickthroughs, engagement rates/ Yup. Compatible with desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android - monitor campaign progress even whilst on the move.

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