Case Studies

Retail : Hobbycraft


Results achieved:

  • Conversion rate jumps 46% in first two weeks of campaign
  • Average order value over 30% higher than other channels

These campaigns use Merchenta dynamic Intelliads on Facebook Exchange plus behaviourally relevant display ads to deliver the right products at the right time to consumers, on-demand.

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Automotive: Mazda


Results achieved:

  • Consumers 53% more likely than the control group to make a dealership enquiry
  • Car sales stimulated by the campaign were worth almost double the control group

These campaigns use a combination of behavioural analytics, geo-targeting and dynamically personalised ad creative to engage consumers and encourage them to visit their local Mazda dealership.

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Fashion : PeopleTree


Results achieved:

  • Additional sales worth 6% of turnover delivered within first month
  • Conversion rate 80% higher than other online channels
  • Over 30% of non-converting visitors returned via Merchenta

Fair-trade fashion retailer PeopleTree turned to Merchenta to launch a range of branded, display ad campaigns to drive extra online sales using a combination of pre-targeting, geo-targeting and retargeting strategies.

The campaigns were optimised for consumer engagement using IntelliAd behavioural metrics to deliver the right ad to the right consumer at the right time.

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Retail : Clogau Jewellery


Results achieved:

  • 12x return on investment
  • IntelliAds drive almost 2x conversion of paid search – at higher average order value

Using Merchenta’s display retargeting platform, marketers can run split-tests to measure the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon consumer behaviour. These statistically rigorous tests eliminate the guesswork in assessing the true contribution of display retargeting within the overall online marketing mix.

Clogau commissioned a thorough split-test to establish the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon online sales. Following rigorous analysis of the underlying data, the results were compelling.

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Retail : Dennis Publishing


Results achieved:

  • Exposure to IntelliAds drives conversion uplift of 500% versus other display ads
  • IntelliAds average order value 306% higher versus other display ads
  • 53% of conversion driven post-click/post-engagement with IntelliAds
  • Statistical A/B tests establish true value of post-view, post-click, post-engagement

Uniquely, Merchenta’s IntelliAd platform enables merchants to run ongoing, structured A/B tests to provide detailed insight into Merchenta’s performance versus other online channels. Working with Dennis Publishing, a global publishing & multi-platform content provider, Merchenta established an ongoing A/B split test to answer common marketing dilemmas around retargeting.

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Gift Experiences : Virgin Balloons


Results achieved:

  • Almost 10% order value uplift within 1st month
  • Peak clickthrough rates of 2.4% – over 20 times industry average
  • 5x higher engagement rate than industry average

Virgin was looking for a marketing solution able to convey the thrill of their range of gift experiences. Traditional forms of online marketing (eg PPC/Adwords campaigns, static display ad campaigns) struggle to communicate the true experience of a Virgin balloon flight.

Merchenta launched a series of video retargeting campaigns to engage consumers at their point of ‘optimal purchase intent’ using behaviourally targeted video ads and geo-targeting product selections.

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Travel : Cofman


Results achieved:

  • Campaigns auto-localised for language & currency to lift conversion
  • Geo targeting matches ads to consumer location
  • IntelliMatch enables extended consumer engagement throughout the year, across seasons

Online travel operator Cofman selected Merchenta to drive bookings during the key Spring/Summer booking season. Working on a pan-European basis, Merchenta launched a series of display retargeting and consumer re-engagement campaigns.

Each campaign was run on a performance basis. Rather than driving clicks that may or may not have converted, the objective was to deliver pure conversion to Cofman in the form of completed bookings & revenues.

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Electrical Retail :


Results achieved:

  • 33x return on investment
  • 10x uplift in average order value operates within an extremely competitive vertical. Wafer-thin retail margins and significant fulfilment costs mean marketing efficiency is vitally important in delivering profitable sales at scale.

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For agencies we provide a fully white-labelled capability to build-upon. Rebrand our dashboard with your own assets, provide client-account level reporting, setup & manage your own campaigns. Simple setup, low monthly minimums.

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With Merchenta’s split test feature we were able to conduct a test and track the results to show the value of our retargeting campaigns. Results were very positive and better than expected.