Mazda drives more car sales with Merchenta

We’ve been working with Mazda to encourage consumers to visit their local car dealership to test drive and purchase a new car.

Results achieved :

  • Consumers who received Merchenta Intelliads were 53% more likely to make an enquiry over the period than the control group
  • Value of car sales delivered though Merchenta was 98% higher than the offline average
  • Almost 1 in 5 consumers interacted with an IntelliAd

The approach involved a combination of strategies to improve consumer relevance – and stimulate sales –across both online and offline.

mazda retargeting case study

Most consumers will travel a modest distance to look at a high order purchase such as a car. So Merchenta automatically geo-targeted consumers within a defined radius of each dealership with vehicles available at that dealership.

Dynamic personalisation of ads
Once we’d located consumers in the right area, it was important to select only those vehicles matching the consumer’s preferences from the thousands of vehicles available. This made it easy for prospective purchasers to see only the type of vehicles available in their area

For further details or to discuss how to use geo-targetting effectively in online advertising campaigns, contact us.


Mazda is one of the world's most iconic automotive brands.

Dynamic, personalised, relevant

Our IntelliAds are personalised in real-time for each individual consumer, every time. We determine the best performing ad, branding, messaging and product selections in milliseconds every time we see a consumer. Merchenta uses sophisticated behavioural analytics to glean insight from seemingly random consumer behavioural. Through knowing the consumer, relevance drives results.

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Incremental sales have over exceeded our expectations. It’s a smart spend as it targets our own user base and we can easily measure our ROI. Highly recommend them.