Multi-lingual retargeting – the right message in the right language every time

Unlike traditional retargeters, Merchenta IntelliAds automatically localize the campaigns to the consumer’s language preference to maximise conversion. This helps to drive conversion. After all, if a consumer cannot understand the language of your ads, how can they be influenced by them?

It’s quick & simple to roll out campaigns to multiple countries with Merchenta. Each IntelliAd automatically localises to the language preferences of the consumer who sees the ad. So a French-speaking consumer in Germany would see their ads in French. And a German consumer based in New York would see the German language version.

Working on a pan-European basis, Merchenta launched a series of display retargeting and consumer re-engagement campaigns for travel firm Cofman. Each campaign was run on a performance basis. Rather than driving clicks that may or may not have converted, the objective was to deliver pure conversion to Cofman in the form of completed bookings & revenues.

Key aspects of the campaigns included :

  • Retargeting & reengagement campaigns auto-localised for language & currency to lift conversion
  • Geo targeting matches ads to consumer location
  • Geo-relevant product selections improve ad relevance
  • IntelliMatch enables extended consumer engagement across seasons

Just contact us to discuss how to deploy multi-lingual personalised display campaigns globally.

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One of Europe’s leading online travel
portal operators, Cofman represents over 80,000 holiday homes and has arranged over 300,000 holidays since 2000.