CPA Retargeting Drives Incremental Sales

Uniquely, Merchenta provides an integrated capability to help marketers address common dilemmas with confidence :

  • Do display retargeting campaigns influence consumer conversion?
  • How does display retargeting influence average order value compared to other channels?
  • Do personalised display retargeting campaigns drive incremental sales?

Using Merchenta’s display retargeting platform, marketers can run split-tests to measure the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon consumer behaviour. These statistically rigorous tests eliminate the guesswork in assessing the true contribution of display retargeting within the overall online marketing mix.

For the retargeting split-test, visitors to Clogau’s website were assigned to one of two segments. The first segment was shown dynamically personalised Merchenta IntelliAds as the consumers browsed the internet. The second segment acted as a control group for statistical purposes and received static ads instead.

Once a consumer was assigned to a segment, they stayed with it for the duration of the test. The campaigns were run over a period of weeks and the conversion outcomes compared at the end of the test.

Merchenta IntelliAds drive incremental sales

Consumer journey analysis showed that consumers exposed to IntelliAds were 23 times more likely to return to Clogau’s website than the control group. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Merchenta in driving sales from consumers who are increasingly fickle in their online consumption preferences.

Merchenta IntelliAds influence consumer conversion

Consumers shown Merchenta IntelliAds were almost 2 times more likely to convert, when compared to the control group. Dynamic personalisation of ads ensures that consumers see the brands, products and marketing messages that are most likely to stimulate conversion.

Merchenta Intelliads drive higher order values

Merchenta’s automated up-sell and cross-sell strategies ensure that consumers see the products they are most likely to buy, not just things they have recently seen. As a consequence, the average order value for IntelliAd conversions was consistently higher than the baseline for the website as a whole.

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Our I2 dashboard summarises all the key metrics in real-time to provide actionable insight. Want to know where your ads are running right now? Not a problem. Interested in conversion trends? I2 has got that, too. Clickthroughs, engagement rates/ Yup. Compatible with desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android - monitor campaign progress even whilst on the move.

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