Our IntelliAds drive sales – and look great, too.

Each IntelliAd is personalised to the individual consumer. As the consumer’s behaviour changes, so do the ads.

Here’s an example. Try it for yourself:

Step 1 : Visit www.clogau.co.uk and take a look at some products
Step 2 : Come back to this page and click here to refresh this page
Step 3 : Check out your own personalised IntelliAd

This is a non-personalised IntelliAd

Merchenta provides a range of sophisticated behavioural marketing strategies. This demo shows perhaps the simplest approach of all, focussed upon recent browsing behaviour.

Insight & Transparency

Our I2 dashboard summarises all the key metrics in real-time to provide actionable insight. Want to know where your ads are running right now? Not a problem. Interested in conversion trends? I2 has got that, too. Clickthroughs, engagement rates/ Yup. Compatible with desktops, iPad, iPhone and Android - monitor campaign progress even whilst on the move.

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Since working with Merchenta, we’ve seen a 12% increase in sales with an average order value almost 10% higher than other online channels – in just a few weeks.