Our IntelliAds drive sales – and look great, too.

Each IntelliAd is personalised to the individual consumer. As the consumer’s behaviour changes, so do the ads.

Here’s an example. Try it for yourself:

Step 1 : Visit www.clogau.co.uk and take a look at some products
Step 2 : Come back to this page and click here to refresh this page
Step 3 : Check out your own personalised IntelliAd

This is a non-personalised IntelliAd

Merchenta provides a range of sophisticated behavioural marketing strategies. This demo shows perhaps the simplest approach of all, focussed upon recent browsing behaviour.

Dynamic, personalised, relevant

Our IntelliAds are personalised in real-time for each individual consumer, every time. We determine the best performing ad, branding, messaging and product selections in milliseconds every time we see a consumer. Merchenta uses sophisticated behavioural analytics to glean insight from seemingly random consumer behavioural. Through knowing the consumer, relevance drives results.

Show me how

We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.