Dynamic Personalised IntelliAds – relevance drives results

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Dynamic Personalised Ads Perform Best

Merchenta’s IntellIAds are dynamic, personalised ads. Each ad is personalised to the individual consumer on-the-fly, in real-time. Consumers appreciate their relevance – it’s this relevance that drives results for our clients.

Our IntelliAds offer marketers a range of benefits…

One-to-one Marketing with Merchenta IntelliAds
Every IntelliAd is unique; like snowflakes, no two are the same. Merchenta combines a range of factors – including consumer preferences & display context – to create personalised remarketing IntelliAds, dynamically in real-time.

Engaging, Branded Creative
IntelliAds can be dynamically re-branded & re-styled on-the-fly. Our range of IAB compliant ad units includes a plethora of leading-edge styles – including expandables, carousels, shoplets, video units – that stimulate consumer engagement & and deliver conversion.

Desktop & Mobile Support
Get your message out to consumers on the move. IntelliAds can be displayed on most HTML5 devices (eg iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android) as well as over 99% of desktop web environments.

Multivariate Optimisation
Complex multivariate tests are performed automatically to optimise conversion. The resulting optimisations include unit size, calls to action, branding, product recommendation strategies and numerous other variables.

IntelliAds Leverage Appropriate User-generated Content
Merchenta performs real-time sentiment analysis on product reviews to optionally embelish IntelliAds with authentic, appropriate user-generated content.

Focussed Promotions & Discounts
IntelliAds can combine discounts and vouchers under specific circumstances to maximise consumer purchase intent. Focus discounts and promotions on select, otherwise unresponsive consumers instead of ‘spray and pray’.

Multilingual, Multicurrency
Consumers see IntelliAd calls to action in their preferred language automatically. Merchenta currently supports English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Spanish, Italian & Polish – further optional language packs are also available. We support over 50 global currencies including US Dollar, Euro & Sterling. Automatically.


Incremental sales have over exceeded our expectations. It’s a smart spend as it targets our own user base and we can easily measure our ROI. Highly recommend them.