Profitable customer acquisition

Merchenta lookalike modelling enables retailers to tap an enlarged potential consumer base with relevant, personalised offers – dynamically & in real-time.

Go beyond retargeting and reach consumers who are in-market but who have yet to visit your website or engage with your brand. Merchenta offers display prospecting as an option to our managed CPA retargeting service.

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How does display prospecting work?

It works by mapping over time the behavioural patterns of your existing customer base. For each customer, an anonymous behavioural signature is derived. By aggregating and analysing behavioural signatures, Merchenta identifies new prospective customers across the web who exhibit similar behavioural affinities.

Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms identify common behavioural traits between consumers. Classification is performed anonymously across a range of factors, including:

  • browsing activities (general)
  • search activities (specific)
  • first party datasets
  • (optionally) third party datasets

What emerges is a picture of consumer preferences & interests which can inform intent optimisation with Merchenta.

How is prospecting different from retargeting?

Display retargeting is an effective technique for stimulating sales from consumers who visit your website, but don’t convert. Display prospecting expands the number of prospective customers by focussing on similar types of consumers as your existing visitors, but only those consumers who have not visited your website.

For further details on our display advertising prospecting services, contact us.

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For agencies we provide a fully white-labelled capability to build-upon. Rebrand our dashboard with your own assets, provide client-account level reporting, setup & manage your own campaigns. Simple setup, low monthly minimums.

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