Launches Latest Version of Cloud-hosted Programmatic Media API

Posted by admin on August 29, 2014 RTB API provides powerful, easily-integrated, cloud-hosted SAAS APIs for real-time programmatic media buying (RTB) to application developers and integrators. Merchenta combines a range of sophisticated, out-of-the-box algorithms with on-demand access to billions of advertising placements worldwide across desktop, mobile & Facebook.

Today, we’re proud to announce the launch of version 3 of cloud-hosted programmatic media buying APIs.

Historically, RTB (real-time bidding) exchange integration has been complex and time-consuming, with significant infrastructure costs and ongoing maintenance effort.

Using, integration partners gain a wide range of tried-and-trusted tools for programmatic media buying, which enable :

  • accelerated time-to-market for programmatic, media-buying applications
  • access to over two dozen pre-integrated exchanges including Google Doubleclick, AppNexus, Rubicon Project, OpenX and many others
  • simple, easy-to-integrate APIs covering campaign setup, optimisation and reporting
  • configurable bidding, creative optimisation and recommendation algorithms
  • cloud-based, always-on SAAS platform means there are no infrastructure costs or exchange interface maintenance issues

Over the past 3 years, we’ve been impressed at the diversity and innovation of applications being built on There’s real appetite from integrators and application developers for a robust, easily integrated, cloud-based programmatic media buying solution.” says Neil McClements, Merchenta CEO.

Dynamic, personalised, relevant

Our IntelliAds are personalised in real-time for each individual consumer, every time. We determine the best performing ad, branding, messaging and product selections in milliseconds every time we see a consumer. Merchenta uses sophisticated behavioural analytics to glean insight from seemingly random consumer behavioural. Through knowing the consumer, relevance drives results.

Show me how

Since working with Merchenta, we’ve seen a 12% increase in sales with an average order value almost 10% higher than other online channels – in just a few weeks.