Social sharing reduces costs of acquisition

Posted by Merchenta on October 22, 2010

Social sharing can have a profound impact on e-tailer’s returns. Merchenta makes sharing easy and fun.

Merchenta provides a fully-integrated social commerce storefront ‘app’ for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Consumers can share, ‘like’ and recommend your storefront to friends with a single-click for effective viral distribution.

Such “viral eCommerce” can deliver compelling returns for minimal cost of acquisition.

Take this example – Mary has seen a merchant’s MiniStore on Facebook. Although she didn’t buy anything the first time she saw the MiniStore, she thought it was cool – and shared it with 3 of her friends. Each of Mary’s friends shared it with 1 or 2 of their friends. Mary’s friend Tim bought something, too.

Simply by sharing, Mary has introduced 8 consumers to the merchant’s brand – who, in turn, have placed 4 orders.


Merchenta’s innovative social commerce components are appealing to consumers – and can drive compelling revenue growth.

Insight & Transparency

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Incremental sales have over exceeded our expectations. It’s a smart spend as it targets our own user base and we can easily measure our ROI. Highly recommend them.