Social sharing reduces costs of acquisition

Posted by Merchenta on October 22, 2010

Social sharing can have a profound impact on e-tailer’s returns. Merchenta makes sharing easy and fun.

Merchenta provides a fully-integrated social commerce storefront ‘app’ for Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Consumers can share, ‘like’ and recommend your storefront to friends with a single-click for effective viral distribution.

Such “viral eCommerce” can deliver compelling returns for minimal cost of acquisition.

Take this example – Mary has seen a merchant’s MiniStore on Facebook. Although she didn’t buy anything the first time she saw the MiniStore, she thought it was cool – and shared it with 3 of her friends. Each of Mary’s friends shared it with 1 or 2 of their friends. Mary’s friend Tim bought something, too.

Simply by sharing, Mary has introduced 8 consumers to the merchant’s brand – who, in turn, have placed 4 orders.


Merchenta’s innovative social commerce components are appealing to consumers – and can drive compelling revenue growth.

Dynamic, personalised, relevant

Our IntelliAds are personalised in real-time for each individual consumer, every time. We determine the best performing ad, branding, messaging and product selections in milliseconds every time we see a consumer. Merchenta uses sophisticated behavioural analytics to glean insight from seemingly random consumer behavioural. Through knowing the consumer, relevance drives results.

Show me how

We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.