The power of real-time consumer behaviour to drive conversion

Posted by Merchenta on June 15, 2011
There’s a wealth of insight to be gleaned from real-time consumer behaviour online. As consumers we express our preferences, interests and intent in a myriad of ways.

By capturing and analysing consumer behaviour in real-time, Merchenta can recommend increasingly relevant products to consumers – dynamically and in real-time.

Check out our video which shows a real-world example of real-time, dynamic analysis of consumer behaviour within a Merchenta unit.
Merchenta Behavioural Merchandising in Action [slideshare id=7176547&sc=no]
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We work with clients worldwide. With over 95% reach in USA, Europe & UK we’re able to engage consumers at scale for outstanding results, wherever they are.

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With Merchenta’s split test feature we were able to conduct a test and track the results to show the value of our retargeting campaigns. Results were very positive and better than expected.