The power of real-time consumer behaviour to drive conversion

Posted by Merchenta on June 15, 2011
There’s a wealth of insight to be gleaned from real-time consumer behaviour online. As consumers we express our preferences, interests and intent in a myriad of ways.

By capturing and analysing consumer behaviour in real-time, Merchenta can recommend increasingly relevant products to consumers – dynamically and in real-time.

Check out our video which shows a real-world example of real-time, dynamic analysis of consumer behaviour within a Merchenta unit.
Merchenta Behavioural Merchandising in Action [slideshare id=7176547&sc=no]
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We work with clients worldwide. With over 95% reach in USA, Europe & UK we’re able to engage consumers at scale for outstanding results, wherever they are.

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With Merchenta’s consumer engagement analytics, we can track when consumers are engaging with our ads. We only pay for performance when consumers engage with our ads. Merchenta is transparent, accountable and delivers great RoI.