Virgin lifts off with behavioural video IntelliAds

Posted by Merchenta on October 17, 2011

We’re delighted to announce that Virgin Balloon Flights has selected Merchenta’s behavioural video IntelliAds to convey the thrill of Virgin’s range of experiences. 

 “For experience based products such as ballooning, Merchenta’s video IntelliAds really give the customer a great idea of what to expect and allows them to convert instantly if they like what they see.” enthuses Eve Ashwell, Digital Marketing Executive at Virgin Balloon Flights.


Each Merchenta IntelliAd is unique, combining sophisticated real-time behavioural analytics with branding to deliver personalised, dynamic product recommendations to consumers as they browse the web. 

“Merchenta IntelliAds allow us to extend the reach of our products in an engaging and effective way. Our products appear in dynamic units with a clear call to action which enable our customers to see more of our products more of the time.” – added Ashwell.

Using its sophisticated Insight Engine, Merchenta engages consumers only at the optimal point for conversion. The result – digital marketing that’s relevant for consumers and that delivers incremental, risk-free revenues for retailers.

Merchenta IntelliAds secure branding benefits, too.

As Ashwell notes – “IntelliAds also allow us to fully customise our units ensuring that we’re able to maintain the integrity of our brand, another important feature for us.” 

Merchenta IntelliAds leverage sophisticated audience targeting, retargeting/pre-targeting and audience extension strategies on a paid-for-performance basis. They are available in a range of IAB-compliant formats, including video, expandable, in-unit credit/debit card transactional and dynamic.



Retargeting Split Tests

Using Merchenta’s display retargeting platform, marketers can run split-tests to measure the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon consumer behaviour. These statistically rigorous tests eliminate the guesswork in assessing the true contribution of display retargeting within the overall online marketing mix.

Show me how

With Merchenta’s consumer engagement analytics, we can track when consumers are engaging with our ads. We only pay for performance when consumers engage with our ads. Merchenta is transparent, accountable and delivers great RoI.