When it comes to personalised display retargeting, insight drives results.

Every consumer is unique. Yet traditional remarketing & retargeting approaches often treat consumers as herds, not individuals. The result? Impression fatigue. We founded Merchenta in the belief that consumers value the “personal touch”; that insight drives results.

Every day, we help retailers maximise their online revenues by engaging consumers one-on-one, at scale across the web with our CPA retargeting services.


Merchenta Insight delivers relevant, personalised, dynamic merchandising units tailored to each individual consumer’s interests.

Merchenta IntelliAds are surfaced only at the point of optimal purchase intent to ensure timely consumer relevance – and maximise conversion.

By analysing anonymised behavioural, contextual, product & geo patterns in real-time we can anticipate consumer behaviour, to deliver the right products to the right consumer at the right time.

Relevant, timely product offers improve the online experience for consumers, deliver positive brand benefits – and increase sales.

We call this Behavioural Display Retargeting. Contact us for further details, case studies or a demonstration.

Retargeting Split Tests

Using Merchenta’s display retargeting platform, marketers can run split-tests to measure the impact of Merchenta IntelliAds upon consumer behaviour. These statistically rigorous tests eliminate the guesswork in assessing the true contribution of display retargeting within the overall online marketing mix.

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We’re excited at the opportunities Merchenta can bring - and are looking forward to further success as we roll IntelliAds out across Europe.